In 2001 Tom Brady was a 24 year old kid playing in the game of his life against the then St. Louis Rams. Brady was the underdog going into Super Bowl 36 and rightfully so. It was a different league in ’01. The best team in the NFL was the greatest show on turf (Rams). Lead by Kurt Warner who is in my opinion the best undrafted QB of all time. That’s not all; the Rams had all the weapons on offense. The rejuvenated Marshall Faulk who ran for over 1300 yards and 12 TD’s and caught for over 700 yards and 9 TD’s. The ’99 to 01’ seasons were Faulk’s best seasons in the NFL. In addition they had Big Game Tory Holt and Isaac Bruce as their wide outs who combined for over 2400 yards receiving, which was half of Warner’s total passing yards that year. Then there was the young Tom Brady who started 14 games that season and threw for only 2800 yards. The 24 year old QB played a good game and doing what he had to do to get the win. Brady’s performance was mediocre at best. All Brady did was not throw a pick or turn the ball over. What made Brady so great was the game winning drive. Honestly it wasn’t even that great of a drive. He drove 53 yards in a minute and a half. I remember watching this game as a kid and yelling at the Ram’s corners to stop playing so deep. He was and still is very smart and that’s what makes him dangerous. He took what the defensive gave him and didn’t try to be a hero. Brady nickel and dimed his way for 53 yards to put his team in the best position to win. I will say that Brady plays selfless football and is a great QB. Super Bowl 36 MVP? I don’t think so! I think Ty Lawson or Adam Vinatieri should have got it. I know a kicker getting the Super Bowl MVP is preposterous, but Vini was the first kicker to make a game winning field goal in the Super Bowl. Now we do have to mention wide right, and Scott Norwood who could have been a hero in Super Bowl 25, but missed the game winning kick. It doesn’t get much more clutch for a kicker then kicking a game winning field goal in the Super Bowl. Ty Lawson had a pick six in the second quarter. That’s huge in a championship game. Looking at Brady’s stats the only thing he did was throw one touchdown and under 200 passing yards. Like I said earlier it is Brady’s football IQ that makes him so great. Let’s fast forward 17 years and see where we are.


     It is January 2019 and we are just 2 weeks away from Super Bowl 53 and wouldn’t you know it. The Rams and the Patriots are back at it again. This is the Ram’s first time back to the show since ’01. Now Brady, Belichick, and the Pats have been just a little busy these last 17 years. They have been to 12 of the last 17 AFC Championship games, 8 AFC Championship games in a row, 7 more Super Bowl’s, 4 more Super Bowl wins. This will be Brady’s 9th Super Bowl appearance and a chance to grab his 6th Super Bowl ring and maybe even his 5th Super Bowl MVP. To put this into a different perspective, Tom Brady is 41 years old. Torry Holt who has been long since retired is 42, and Marshal Faulk is 45. The Rams is where it all began and now the Rams is where it should end. The ending is up in the air though. Do Brady and Belichick loose another Super Bowl and then pass the torch to Jared Goff and Sean Mcvay. If so then Brady must retire after that, or does Brady win number 6 and then retire and let it end where it all began. Let’s be honest though win or lose; Brady most likely will come back and make it to the AFC championship game next year. The Bills are the only team to make it to 4 Super Bowls in a row. This is Brady and the Pats 3rd in a row. The Bills didn’t win any of those Super Bowls, so with that, “Tom will you just retire and let the Bills have that. You win at life, we get it. You are already the winningest QB in Buffalo since Jim Kelly (who is now cancer free by the way so congratulations Jim) Just sit back and enjoy it”. At least until Josh Allen levels up!

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