When LeSean McCoy Has 20 Carries a Game the Bills Win

Week Opp. Score Carries Yards Result
1 Ravens 47-3 7 22 L
2 Chargers 31-20 9 39 L
3 Vikings 27-6 DNP W Ivory had 20 carries for 56 yards
4 Packers 22-0 5 24 L
5 Titans 12-13 24 85 W
6 Texans 13-20 16 73 L
7 Colts 37-5 2 1 L Ivory had 16 carries
8 Patriots 25-6 12 13 L
9 Bears 41-9 10 10 L
10 Jets 41-10 26 113 W

I feel like we’ve had this conversation before, and yet the story proves true once again. When LeSean McCoy or any other Bills RB has 20 carries or more in a game the Bills win. The benefit of the doubt goes to Brian Daboll as it has been extremely difficult to maintain a game plan with 20 carries to a RB when the team is getting blown out early due to horrible QB play. It is also true that LeSean McCoy only gets 20 carries a game when the QB is playing well.

Of the games that McCoy has had close to 20 carries include the Titans where Josh Allen played mistake free football, the Texans again where Josh Allen played mistake free football until being injured and then Nate Peterman blowing the game, just imagine if McCoy had four more carries instead of 4 Nate Peterman throws (the Bills might have won), and most recently McCoy’s best game against the Jets where Matt Barkley was slinging the ball all over the place, don’t forget about Josh Allen’s best game against Minnesota and Chris Ivory’s 20 carry game. Bottom-line is the Bills need decent QB play to establish a winning formula in which LeSean McCoy can  do what he does best, dominate a football game.

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