The Bills Have a Really Bad QB Room

Nate Peterman 

Starting with the worst QB first, Nate Peterman has shown Bills fans time and time again that he isn’t cut out to play QB in the NFL. Peterman is now 1-3 as a starter and 1-7 in games that hes appeared in. It gets worse, in games that Nate Peterman has appeared in the Buffalo Bills have been outscored 264 to 81. That’s a difference of 183 points OUCH!!! He now has as many TDs for the Bills as he does for the other team and his TD to INT is 3-12 (3 INTs were pick 6s).

Although I do believe some value exist in the fact that the coaching staff isn’t giving up on him because it is extremely difficult to play QB in the NFL and by simply cutting him means the team loses all of the time put in to developing him. I’m not convinced that there are 40 guys on earth that can be an NFL starting QB, but I am convinced there is a bunch of guys worth developing over Nate Peterman. At what point should a team cut their losses? I don’t know but overall its time to move on to someone else to have faith in as a backup QB for the future. As soon as Josh Allen is healthy don’t be surprised if we see Peterman on the practice squad.

Derek Anderson

Anderson hasn’t played football in a while and that is a valid short term excuse, however when he has played, he hasn’t been even close to great. He is now 20-28 as a starter with 60 TDs and 64 INTs. He’s done enough to be solid backup QB, and the young Buffalo Bills QBs need to pull from Anderson’s brain as much as they can. I’m glad he is on the roster for Josh Allen’s sake, but the team will not win games with Anderson at the helm. It will be interesting to see if he is with the team in 2019.

Matt Barkley

Who? Oh yeah the QB who played at USC, that’s right I didn’t realize he played in the NFL. Well that’s because he’s done nothing at the pro level. Now in his 5th year in the NFL and with his 7th NFL team, Barkley has appeared in only 11 regular season games and is 1-5 as a starter. Like all the current Bills QBs he has more INTs than TD passes, he currently has 8 TDs and 18 INTs. If he does end up playing for the Bills expect to see a little more flash than Nate Peterman but not much more.

Josh Allen 

Say what you want about Josh Allen but this guy’s physical abilities and leadership traits alone make him a better QB than the others. But for right now its still yet to be determined. I am hoping that his elbow injury allowed him the ability to sit back and take the game in from a mental standpoint and jump in his development. His best game is yet to come, and like the rest of Bills Mafia, I couldn’t be more excited.

games appeared in wins losses comp attempts comp % yards ypc TD INT
Josh Allen 6 2 3 75 139 54 832 6 2 5
Derek Anderson 78 20 28 909 1674 54 10,878 6.5 60 64
Nate Peterman 8 1 3 68 130 52.3 549 4.2 3 12
Matt Barkley 11 1 5 159 266 59.8 1,911 7.2 8 18
TOTALS w/anderson 24 39 73 99
w/o anderson 4 11 14 35




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