The Teams With the Worst Offense in the NFL since 2010


year Teams with worst yards per game W L QB Narrative yards PG Points PG
2010 Carolina Panthers 2 14 Clauson/Moore Clauson started week 3 QBs/were back and forth throughout 258.4 12.2
2011 Jacksonville Jaguars 5 11 Gabbert/McCown Gabbert started week 3/ weak WR core Dillard, Osgood, Price, shorts, Thomas, West 259.3 15.2
2012 Arizona Cardinals 5 11 Hoyer/Skelton/Lindsey Skelton started the season 4-0, finished worst record for a team starting 4-0 in history 263.1 15.6
2013 Tampa Bay Bucs 4 12 Glennon/Orlovsky only two QBs on roster/Glennon is rookie 3rd round pick/Josh Freeman benched week 4 277 18
2014 Oakland Raiders 3 13 Carr/Mcgloin/Schaub Carr Rookie year-started 0-10, team didn’t score more than 14pts until week 6 282.2 15.8
2015 St Louis Rams 7 9 Foles/Keenum/Mannion foles and keenum back and fourth 297.6 17.5
2016 LA Rams 4 12 Goff/Keenum/Mannion started 3-1 with keenum/Goff started week 11 262.7 14
2017 Cincinnati Bengals 7 9 Dalton/Mccarron Fired offensive coordinator after no touchdowns in 2 games. 280.5 18.1
2018 So far Buffalo Bills 2 7 Allen/Peterman/Anderson The Bills Offense is off to one of the worst starts in NFL history 248.3 10.7

Win Percentage is only 28%…

On the bright side many of these teams are now contenders such as the LA Rams, the Carolina Panthers and arguably the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cincinnati Bengals. Don’t lose sight of what is being built in Buffalo.

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