How to Build a Continuous Contender in the NFL?



** Posted from the Hoof Archives. Measured in week 6 of the NFL season.

The question that always pops up when talking about the Buffalo Bills is should they build an offensively strong football team or a defensively strong football team? Obviously the answer is they should build for both, and team records will back that up 100%. For the article I measured the offensive side of the ball by Total Points and the defensive side of the ball in Fewest Points Allowed. Both sides are the top 15 teams in the league for each side of the ball.

To determine if offensive or defensive focused teams are better, I eliminated teams that are top 10 in both Total Points and Fewest Points Allowed because we already know they are good.


Total Points W L T Fewest Points allowed W L T
New Orleans Saints 4 1 Baltimore Ravens 4 1
Kansas City Chiefs 5 0 Jacksonville Jaguars 3 2
LA Rams  5 0 Tennessee Titans 3 2
Cincinnati Bengals 4 1 Dallas Cowboys 2 3
Pittsburgh Steelers 2 2 1 LA Rams 5 0
LA Chargers 3 2 Philadelphia Eagles 2 3
Atlanta Falcons 1 4 New York Jets 2 3
New England Patriots  3 2 New England 3 2
Baltimore Ravens 4 1 Arizona Cardinals 1 4
Detroit Lions 2 3 Cleveland Browns 2 2 1
New York Jets 2 3 Green Bay Packers 2 2 1
Indianapolis Colts 1 4 Seattle Seahawks 2 3
San Francisco 49ers 1 4 Miami Dolphins 2 3
Seattle Seahawks 2 3 Buffalo Bills 2 3
Green Bay Packers 2 2 1 Houston Texans 2 3

As we all know many NFL games come down to a few points, and more times than not offense can make the difference. The cumulative record is only 4 games between the best offenses and the best defensive teams through 6 weeks of the 2018 season. As the season progresses I will follow up on this method. What I know this far is the strong offensive teams in the NFL are much more dominate than the strong defensive teams, however if we ever want to see the Buffalo Bills in big time post season games, they will need a strong offense and a strong defense on the same field. Buffalo seems to already be building a strong defense, now its time to revamp the offensive side of the ball as the next step in “the process”. According to this analysis, maybe they should’ve built the offensive side of the ball first.

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