Knowing What We Know Now, We Graded the Bills Trades Since the McDermott/Beane Era Began


Gave up Traded For outcome grade Notes
2017 NFL Draft
KC trade for 10th pick 10th 1st round pick(Pat Mahomes) 2017 27th pick and 2019 1st- Tre White & got our QB but Mahomes is good B- I get that we whiffed on Mahomes but in my opinion he doesn’t fit what the bills are trying to build. I think long term it is the best move for this regime.
2018 1st rd pick 22nd overall(lead to trade up for edmunds)
**Rashaun Evans picked 22nd overall and 3rd John Johnson for rams
Dion Dawkins trade up Falcons 3rd (Duke Riley OLB)5th(Damontae Kazee CB)5th (Brain Hill RB) Dion Dawkins 2nd round (63rd overall) starting LT vs nobodies A Starting LT in the second round is always a steal, good move in my opinion
Trade for Zay Jones Rams 2nd (Gerald Everatt TE), 3rd (John Johnson NCB), 2nd Zay Jones and 5th which was traded to falcons slot WR for back TE B TBD b/c Zay seems to be coming around but Everatt is not a difference maker
Beane era
Cardale Jones Dump Cardale Jones to Chargers 2019 7th good dump C Better than cutting him/but would’ve been nice to have now. On Chargers PS
Watkins trade Watkins and 6th rd pick(Sebastion Joseph DT) Rams Ej Gaines(now with cleveland) and 2018 second (Duke Dawson-Tampa). 2nd used to trade up for Josh Allen. tough eval. We needed a QB B+ Time will tell but when you need a QB do everything you can to get one.
Darby Trade Ron Darby to Eagles Jordan Mattews and 2018 3rd(Harrison Phillips). mattews is back with eagles D Phillips has value but the fact that Matthews didn’t pan out and is back with the Eagles and Darby is starting for Super Bowl Champs means we lost the trade.
Reggie Ragland trade Reggie Ragland to KC 2019 4th round pick Ragland is starter/bad situation C Ragland is 3-4 MLB but he is a good one, and the fact that we lost another guy who was drafted to be a starter kills me.
Kevon Seymor Trade Kevon Seymor to Panthers Kailen Clay and 2019 7th rd pick bad trade D- No one can predict the future, but this trade has not tuned out good. Seymor is a starter in carolina and clay can’t make a team. Yet to be seen on 7th round pick.
Marcell Dauris Trade Jax gets Marcell Dauris 2018 5th round pick (Wyatt Teller) money is motivator B- Darius wasn’t motivated, but he is still making plays with Jax and Wyatt Teller has done nothing. Because of Darius’s huge contract this trade gets a good grade.
Kelvin Benjamin trade 2018 3rd (Rashaun Goulden) and 7th (Andre Smith). Panthers Kelvin Benjamin idk C If Benjamin contributed more this would be higher but it doesn’t seem to be working out for Benjamin in Buffalo.
Gave up Traded For outcome grade Notes
cordy glenn trade Cordy Glenn & 1st rd pick 21 (Billy Price) C Cincinnatti 5th (andrew brown), 1st 12th pick(vita vea), 6th Ray ray Mccloud Josh allen? A If you don’t have a qb, you need to get one bottom line.
Tyrod Taylor trade Tyrod Taylor Cleveland 3rd rd pick (Brandon Parker) the 3rd led to edmunds B I like the move but because the Bills had trouble replacing Tyrod it’s a B and not an A.
Tremaine Edmunds Trade 2018 1st pick 22(raashaun evans), 3rd (brandon Parker), 5th (siren neal) Ravens Tremaine Edmunds Great Trade A Edmunds is a true difference maker.
Josh Allen trade 1st 12th pick(Vita Vea), 2nd rd (MJ Stewert) Tampa 2nd (duke dawson) NE Josh Allen 7th overall Need a QB bottom line A Too soon to tell if Josh Allen will turn out to be somebody but I don’t care. Anytime a potential QB is drafted its an A in my book.
Corey Coleman 7th rounder Corey Coleman Who? C Out of League Good Try
AJ Mccarren AJ Mccarren 5th round pick D Could’ve got a QB instead of a pick in my opinion. Simply cannot neglect QB position. Ammunition for 2019 draft makes this a D instead of an F.

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