The Josh Allen Era is Underway in Buffalo.

If I hear another person say Josh Allen needs to sit for a year to develop, I’m going to retire at halftime. Most people assume that he will need a year on the bench simply because he went to a small school and he was a wild gunslinger QB. I can certainly understand this point of view but what people are missing is his physical ability and metal game are more accustomed for pro football. I thought his performance against the Chargers was really good for a rookie QB’s first start. He showed everyone that the game is not too big for him.

Josh Allen stats
Comp Att  Pct   yds  avg    TD  Int  sck    Qbr
 18 / 33  55%   245  7.4        1   2    5     63.3

My quick observations:

The Good

Opens up the entire field with his ability to throw downfield
Poise in the pocket
Great mobility in the pocket 
Runs the offense with confidence 
Leadership Qualities

The Bad

Ball placement needs to get better both short and long passes
Needs more experience in pass protections pre-snap
Has tendency to stare down WRs
Decision making needs to be faster

Bills fans should be excited about this guy because during his first start he showed flashes that he could become the franchise QB Bills fans have been starving for.

But we’ve said that in the past…

First starts by QBs drafted by the Buffalo Bills.  *did not start rookie year
QB Comp Att Pct Yards Avg TD Int Sck Qbr
Nate Peterman 6 14 43% 66 4.7 0 5 0 17.9
EJ Manuel 18 27 67% 150 5.6 2 0 0 105.5
Trent Edwards 22 28 79% 234 8.4 1 1 2 98.5
J.P. Losman* 17 28 61% 170 6.1 1 0 1 89.9
Todd Collins 6 15 40% 30 2.0 0 1 5 20.1
Jim Kelly* 20 33 67% 292 8.8 3 0 3 119.8

*Stats from

Overall I would say the Bills are handling the development of Josh Allen the right way. He can handle the mental game and his play-making ability is something special. He will only get better from here by playing in games, adjusting to the game speed, and processing what opposing defenses are throwing at him. He said yesterday the Chargers threw some defensive looks at him that he hasn’t seen before.


“I felt comfortable for the most part. There were some things that we didn’t see on film and I didn’t see on film so… thats being a rookie thats part of it. The defensive coordinator is always going to try to throw you something different and try to get you out of your element. I gonna be better with pass protection and I  gotta be better with getting the ball out quicker…”

Josh Allen during the post game press conference from

Any rookie QB can use all the help they can get and I’m sure Mcbeane has discussed bringing in a veteran QB to help the rookie with preparation as he adjusts to the NFL level.

Best Fit Free Agent QBs

Derek Anderson

Matt Moore

Scott Tolzien

Smoking Jay Cutler (NO Chance)

*outside of these three guys your guess is as good as mine. I wonder what Kyle Orton is up too, or what would it cost to bring in Peyton Manning. Everyone has a price right? All I know is Nate Peterman is not a capable backup and this team needs all the experience they can get, especially in the QB room.


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