Which Rookie QBs started week 1 (since 2013) and what was the outcome?

1st round

start week one 

sat how long

games started and result

Mitchell Trubisky (2017) no 4 weeks 12 games 4-8
Pat Mahomes no none n/a
Desean Watson no but played in game 1/2 game 6 games 3-3
Deshone Kizer (2nd rd) yes none 15 games 0-15
Jared Goff (2016) no 10 weeks 7 games 0-7
Carson Wentz Yes none 16 games 7-9 w/ 5 game losing streak
Paxton Lynch no still sitting 2 games 1-1 due to injury
Jamis Winston (2015) Yes none 16 games 6-10
Marcus Mariota Yes none 12 games 3-13 6 game losing streak
Christen Hackenburg bust
Blake Bortles (2014) no 2.5 games 13 games 3-10
Johnny Manziel bust
Teddy Bridgewater no 2.5 12 games 6-6
Derick Carr (2nd rd) yes none 16 games 3-13 started 0-10
Jimmy G (2nd rd) no long time none
EJ Manuel (2013) yes none 10 games 4-6
Geno Smith (2nd rd) yes none 16 games 8-8

*All Stats from NFL.com

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